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Your Dog’s Oral Hygiene – Top Tips for a Great Dental Check Up


Your dog is likely one of the most important members of your family and making sure he has the proper hygiene is important. But what many dog owners often neglect is their pup’s oral health.

Though it might not be as fun as giving your dog a bath, here are the top tips to get your dog a great dental check-up.

Brush your dog’s teeth: As your dog ages, he becomes more susceptible to things like gum disease. Because of this, it’s essential that you try and brush your dog’s teeth every single day, the more the better. While it might be difficult at first, just like your dog resisted the first time you tried to clip his nails, eventually your dog can be trained to allow this to happen. Keep in mind dogs do not use the same kind of toothbrushes or toothpaste as humans, so make sure to take a look at the options offered at your local pet store before opting to buy something from the pharmacy that could ultimately impact your dog’s health.

Use dental treats: Dental chews or dental treats are a great way for your dog to take their hygiene into their own paws. These treats are made specially to remove plaque and might even help freshen their breath. Often times, they’re flavored so your pup enjoys gnawing on them as much as you enjoy less stinky kisses later on.

Use dog dental wipes: If your dog refuses to allow you to brush his teeth and doesn’t love the taste of treats, you can also use dog dental wipes. The wipes are rubbed against your dog’s teeth and help to remove plaque that may be built upon the surface. While they work similar to a toothbrush, they may miss some of the more crucial areas that a brush can reach. Nonetheless, it’s a great way to at least give your dog’s teeth a little TLC.

Professional cleaning: Having your veterinarian professionally brush your dog’s teeth might be the most beneficial way to ensure your dog has healthy teeth. This is obviously the most expensive of the other options, but they know what to look for and can alert you of any issues with your dog’s teeth.

Just like making sure your dog is getting the right nutrition, water, and exercise, as an owner you must put the effort in to ensure they are also getting the proper dental hygiene to stay happy and healthy!


  • Posted on August 26, 2019

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