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Should Dog Owners Avoid Certain Types of Food?


Author: James Montgommery

The array of pet food out there is almost as vast and diverse as human food. As more and more pet owners focus on their beloved pets’ nutritional needs by pushing beyond bags of kibble and cans of mushy wet food, the market has evolved to include a variety of options to suit each dog’s unique needs.

From fresh pet food delivery services to boutique dog treat bakeries, to those over-achieving pet parents who cook their pups’ homemade meals every night- the food option list for our pets is truly endless.

As many options there are, there’s just as much conflicting information to match. It can be overwhelming and difficult to know what to believe. The best option is to talk to your vet, but here are some facts about the food we feed our furry friends:

Grain-free vs. balanced – Grain-free foods can help dogs with grain allergies and sensitivities alleviate discomfort. Dogs can also get plenty of nutrition from grains like corn and wheat, as well as vegetables and fruit in addition to meat.

Fillers – Budget will be a consideration for any diet, but cheaper dog foods often contain fillers that could be less than optimal for digestion. If your dog food lists 4-D meat byproducts as an ingredient, it might be time to switch. “4-D” is an abbreviation for “dead, dying, disabled, or diseased” and can be sourced from slaughterhouse waste, roadkill, even euthanized shelter pets. Those could contain chemicals, diseases, bacteria or parasites that could be harmful to your pet.

Preservatives and Dyes – Dog foods are meant to have longer shelf lives and many dry foods also contain dyes to make the “bits” look more appetizing (to humans; dogs don’t care that much.) Try to stick with as many natural ingredients as possible.

The Takeaway
Many pet owners simply look a avoid anything with ingredients that they themselves wouldn’t want to eat or have never heard of. Ultimately the best way to select the right food for your dog is by talking to your vet. You can have your pet tested for allergies if they exhibit symptoms, but many dogs will do fine on balanced diets that contain nutrients that are appropriate to their stage of life. Talk to your vet about any concerns you have.


  • Posted on June 29, 2019

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